Do not waste your capacity on handling debts.


Business security services provided

Background checks for investments, projects, and partners

Consultations related to competition

Conducting of special audits within a company, the creation and enforcement of an internal control system, and counselling. Handling of losses incurred

Risk analysis for new markets, regions, and products

Conducting of investigations, representation in civil and criminal proceedings. Legal assistance

Finding suitable, verified partners, holding negotiations, representation, counselling in different countries


Gelenwal OÜ has been operating since 2006.

  • Gelenwal OÜ

    Registry code 11207721

    Sole owner and manager Veiko Kulla

  • Area of activity according to the Estonian Classification of Economic Activities:

    business counselling (code 70221)

    Specifically, provision of business security counselling within the scope of the judicial area of the Republic of Estonia, the European Union and the country of operations.

  • The company has cooperation partners and clients, and has provided counselling and consultations,

    in the European Union, the Russian Federation, the Republic of Ukraine, CIS countries, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman. We also take part in international business security cooperation.

  • The company employs and has contracts with security specialists, lawyers, and financial analysts with international experience.



Tel: +372 51933886

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